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What is Silver Bit?

SilverBit’s conceptual goal is to become an ultra-scarce non-government controlled storage of wealth with software facilities to increase that wealth over time and that is an instantly transferable asset with zero storage cost. 

SilverBit is a digital token that allows people to send coins anywhere in the world instantly, securely and at near zero cost.  It focuses on creating a multi entry, high rewards monetary system that empowers people to achieve financial freedom through blockchain based technology.



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There will be only 7.5 million SilverBits created, making this one of the most scarce electronic commodities.


Holders of SilverBit can earn extra tokens just by holding SilverBit for a period of time, greater than or equal to The Minimum Coin Age.

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The moment you acquire SilverBits it becomes an asset, a storage of wealth, with built in software facilities that increase it’s value over time.

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Security lies at the core of SilverBit. Transactions are secured by the state of the art security algorithm. Thanks to advanced cryptography gaining access to your account is practically impossible.

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SilverBit has been designed to be excellent for quick transfers. Masternodes powered by Ethereum blockchain significantly reduces confirmation time while fast block times ensure unparalleled speed.


The fixed supply mechanism gives SilverBit deflationary characteristics and with increasing demand SilverBit prices will rise. Unlike other coins that have an unlimited/high circulating supply that can be diluted by adding more coins thereby decreasing their value.


Proof-of-Stake approach not only dramatically reduces carbon footprint but also dramatically lowers electricity consumption making it environmentally friendly.

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To be the ultimate crypto coin store of value with zero storage costs and lightening fast transfers! Much like the precious metal Silver has intrinsic value and acts as a diversified asset, SilverBit aims to be a sort of digital Silver that is scarce and valuable!
SilverBit is a ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. Token holders can easily store and manage their SILVERBIT tokens using existing Ethereum clients including the official Ethereum Wallet, Mist, Parity,, or MetaMask. Do not send ETH from an exchange wallet or any wallet that you do not control the private keys. We Recommend MyEtherWallet or Metamask or wallets that you control the private keys.
Using your Ethereum (ETH) wallet simply send ETH to the address provided to you on Buy Tokens page of website. You may also use alternate payment methods BTC or LTC by following the instructions on the Buy Tokens page of our website.
When sending ETH directly to the address provided on, you will receive your Silverbit within 24 hours of payment confirmation. For alternate crypto currency payments (BTC, LTC, etc.), tokens will be transferred after the ICO has conlcuded.
Your SILVERBIT will be sent to the address that you sent your ETH from or to the ETH address you provide to us via email if you sent BTC or LTC.
After you have purchased your SILVERBIT tokens, you may add them to your wallet: Use this Contract address: 0x456ffBA2a19F4Fa97c8d5610cF20F763b77b0F6E *Do Not send ETH to this contract address Symbol: SLV Decimals: 8 Refer to Token Sale Guide for more detailed instructions.


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